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In the most diverse areas of Dentistry, our Clinic performs the following treatments:

profilaxia, limpeza dos dentes

Prophylaxis ( Cleaning )

Prophylaxis, which differs from daily cleaning, is made with specific materials and products found only in dental offices.

The goal of prophylaxis is to maintain a healthy mouth and avoid risks of periodontal and oral diseases, such as gingivitis and cavities, as well as removal of bacterial plaque and tartar, as well as polishing and protecting teeth.

The frequency of prophylaxis varies depending on each case. The most common is that it be done every six months.

Another important procedure in caries prevention is the application of fluoride.

restauração dentária


When one or more teeth are affected by caries, not only is their appearance at stake, but also the health of that tooth. Dental restoration, or also called dental fillings, is a procedure that will rescue the functions and the normal shape of the teeth.

The dentist will remove the damaged part of the tooth, clean the affected area, and then fill the cavity that has been cleaned with a restorative material. In general, this material used to fill is made of porcelain, composite resin, gold or amalgam.

restauração dentária

Endodontics ( Canal Treatment )

Endodontics is the specialty of Dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pulp diseases and its repercussions on the tissues of the periapical region, popularly known as Canal Treatment.

The treatment consists in the removal of the dental nerve and cleaning of the entire root canal, being later filled with biocampatables. This procedure can be done in more than one visit to the dentist.

Consult us to understand how your treatment will happen.

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Basic Periodontia

Periodontics is the treatment performed for the healing of inflammatory and infectious processes of the gingiva, tissue that lines the bone and gives support to the teeth. It is also known as periodontology and scraping.

It is usually indicated for those who do not do the correct hygiene of the mouth.

However, we can also say that smoking, tension, low immunity and wrong eating habits also contribute to gum embrittlement.

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Prosthesis ( total, removable, facets, crowns, bridges among others )

Dental prosthesis has the function of replenishing one or more teeth, thus restoring the respective chewing and phonetic functions.

It is important to know that the absence of a tooth can represent more than an aesthetic problem. It can also cause movement of nearby teeth and bone resorption.

The loss of teeth is a very common problem and is caused by numerous factors such as caries, illness or accidents. In addition to functional impairments, they also cause problems to the patient's self-esteem.

There are many options for prostheses that perform functions that are suitable for every need. The oral rehabilitation, brought by the prostheses, can be conquered from the analysis of each case.

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Small Surgeries

The Oral Surgery is responsible for all surgical procedures related to tooth extractions that are impossible to maintain in the oral cavity, namely teeth with very extensive and non-restorable caries, teeth without bone support, teeth included, extraction of wisdom teeth, between others.

Schedule a visit so we can better evaluate your case.

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Pediatric Dentistry

It is the specialty of dentistry that takes care of the oral health of children. It aims at the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and control of oral health problems of the child, in addition to addressing with the responsible all factors related to diet, eruption or loss of "milk" teeth, eruption of permanent teeth, oral hygiene, use of fluoride, among other issues related to the promotion of child health, directed according to the needs of each child.

Every child can become a caries-free adult because there is the possibility of carrying out an individual preventive program from the time of the birth of the first milk teeth. We can assist you in maintaining your children's oral health.

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Orthodontics is a dental specialty that corrects the positioning of the teeth in the dental arch. Teeth that are poorly positioned or that do not occlude properly are difficult to sanitize and may be lost early.

There are three basic types of orthodontics when we classify the timing of the approach, preventive orthodontics, interceptive

and corrective.

Often it is necessary to use some more invasive techniques like surgical procedures or until extractions of teeth to create a space for work.

We can also make use of transparent aligners in some cases. These aligners are aesthetic and mobile

restauração dentária


Implantodontia refers to treatment with prosthetic rehabilitations supported or retained by dental implants.

With Implantodontia they are made from unitary rehabilitations to large fixed or removable total rehabilitations.

Its purpose is the implantation in the jaw and the maxilla of screws in Nickel Titanium, intended to support total or partial dentures.

The process can be long, from 3 to 6 months after the installation of the titanium implant, it is possible to start the prosthesis collation. The result however is rewarding, restoring your oral health, the functionality and the aesthetics of your dentition.


Clínica Rocha works with the rates of the Dutch Insurance Authority (NZA). These tariffs are set by the government for the whole of the Netherlands.

For an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to make an inquiry.


Dr. Euler has been my family's dentist for over ten years. He is very experienced and talented as a professional, always working according to the desires of patients, discussing alternatives and options of treatments and materials. I, my husband and daughters are very pleased with his work. Super dentist!

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