Dr. Euler Rocha

"It will be a great pleasure to take care of your smile"


Welcome to Rocha dental clinic!
Dr. Euler Rocha, born in Brazil and graduated in 1992 as a dental surgeon, he will be very

glad to receive you.

A beautiful smile and healthy teeth are important and should be taken care of the best way.

With a very personal and relaxed contact,

Dr Euler takes care of his patients with dedication and care.

Dr Euler speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and Dutch.

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  Our treatments

 Prophylaxis ( cleaning )


It is dental cleaning done by a dental surgeon that differs from daily cleaning because it is made with specific materials and products found only in dental offices.

.                                                                              



When one or more teeth are affected by caries, dental restoration, or also called dental filling, is a procedure that will rescue the functions and the normal shape of the teeth.


Endodontics ( canal treatment )


Endodontics is the dental specialty that takes care of the inner part ("Endo") of the tooth ("dontia"), known as root canal treatment.


Basic periodontia

Periodontics is the treatment performed for the healing of inflammatory and infectious processes of the gingiva, tissue that lines the bone and gives support to the teeth.





Dental prosthesis has the function of replenishing one or more teeth, thus restoring the respective chewing and phonetic functions.


Small Surgery


The Oral Surgery is responsible for all the surgical acts related to the extractions of teeth that present impossibility of maintenance in the oral cavity ...


Pediatric dentistry

It is the specialty of dentistry that takes care of the oral health of children. It aims at the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and control of oral health problems of the child,




Orthodontics is a dental specialty that corrects the position of teeth and maxillary bones improperly positioned.




Implantodontia refers to treatment with prosthetic rehabilitations supported or retained by dental implants.



Dr. Euler has been my family's dentist for over ten years. He is very experienced and talented as a professional, always working according to the desires of patients, discussing alternatives and options of treatments and materials. I, my husband and daughters are very pleased with his work. Super dentist!

                                                                                                                                                    Thepola Pacheco Barros

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